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Electronics Training:

Advancements and innovations in the science of electronics are changing the ways we live our lives. Accordingly, there is a growing need for well-trained service personnel to support the proliferation of these new technologies.

Benefits of the Electronics Program Include:

  • Essential on-boarding and refresher training
  • Consistent delivery, with broader reach, flexible scheduling and automated record keeping
  • Improved safety and enhanced productivity
  • The knowledge and training needed to keep pace with best practices and technological change 

Who Should Use it? Designed for professionals, such as:

  • Electronics Service and Maintenance Personnel
  • Employees associated with the task of managing electronic devices, circuits ad systems
  • Industrial Supervisors and Manager
  • Multi-Craft Personnel
Complete Electronics Curriculum 221+ Courses

Keep your electronics service and maintenance personnel as finely tuned as the tools of their trade with the robust Electronics Curriculum. This 221+ course online curriculum was built around 9 learning blocks through 4 progressive stages and covers a wide range of electrical, mechanical, electronics, instrumentation and power generation topics focused on set-up, diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, process variable monitoring, process control data and communication.



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Electronics: 26 Courses, 13.5 Hours
  • Basic Electronics, Part 1
  • Basic Electronics, Part 2
  • Operational Amplifiers, Part 1
  • Operational Amplifiers, Part 2
  • Basic Oscillator Circuits
  • Transistor Principles
  • Transistor Configurations
  • Transistor Amplifiers
  • Transistor Oscillators
  • Power Supplies
  • Bistable Devices
  • Converters
  • Filter Circuits
  • Digital Counters
  • Operational Amplifier Circuits
  • Principles of Semiconductors, Part 1
  • Principles of Semiconductors, Part 2
  • Specialized Electronic Devices, Part 1
  • Specialized Electronic Devices, Part 2
  • Boolean Algebra, Part 1
  • Boolean Algebra, Part 2
  • Boolean Algebra, Part 3
  • J-K Flip-Flops
  • Troubleshooting Operational Amplifier Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Power Supplies
  • Electronic Circuit Board Repair 

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