Process Operations Training

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Process Operations Training:

The success of any operation is based on three essentials – efficiency, productivity and safety. To reduce risk and increase productivity, companies must certify that operators and maintenance professionals have the required knowledge and skills to carry out their duties safely and efficiently, and ensure that all equipment is in safe working order. 

Benefits of the Process Program Include:

  • Essential on-boarding and refresher training
  • Consistent delivery, with broader reach, flexible scheduling and automated record keeping
  • Improved safety and enhanced productivity
  • The knowledge and training needed to keep pace with best practices and technological change 

Who Should Use it? Designed for professionals, such as:

  • Process Operators
  • Service or Maintenance Personnel
  • Industrial Supervisors and Managers
  • Multi-Craft Personnel
Complete Process Operations Curriculum 194+ Courses

The 194+ course Process Operations & Maintenance Learning Plan is built around 10 learning blocks through 4 progressive stages. Designed to enhance operator knowledge and skills, this curriculum covers basic theory, equipment operations, systems operations, process plant safety considerations, working conditions, foundational technical information and the specifics of the complex equipment found in today’s plants. 


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Process: 30 Courses, 34.5 Hours
  • Process Chemistry
  • Chemistry: Basic Principles, Part 1
  • Chemistry: Basic Principles, Part 2
  • Basic Chemical Plant Operations
  • Centrifuge Operations
  • Chemistry: Material Balancing
  • Chemistry: Reaction Rates
  • Dryers
  • Drying Operations
  • Filtration and Screening Unit Operations
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • ISO 9000
  • Distillation: Basic Principles
  • Typical Process Reactions, Part 1
  • Typical Process Reactions, Part 2
  • Distillation: Basic System Components and Operation
  • Distillation: Control Systems
  • Distillation: System Startup and Shutdown
  • Distillation: Operating Problems
  • Distillation: Towers, Reboilers, and Condensers
  • Evaporation Unit Operations
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Refrigeration Systems, Part 1
  • Steam Turbines
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks, Part 1
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks, Part 2
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks, Part 3
  • Material Handling Of Bulk Liquids
  • Portable and Emergency Equipment
  • Statistical Process Control, Part 1

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