Transmission and Distribution Training

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Transmission and Distribution Training:

The inability to properly transmit, regulate and distribute electrical power from the generating source can be crippling, and in some cases, catastrophic, for facilities and the communities they serve. Just as in other industrial sectors, successful operation and production reliability in transmission and distribution is based on the performance of the entire organization - from those with the simplest of assignments to the top of the chain command.

Benefits of the Transmission and Distribution Program Include:

  • Essential on-boarding and refresher training
  • Improved safety and enhanced productivity
  • Capacity to move from a repair/replace focus to predictive/preventative maintenance
  • Consistent delivery, with broader reach, flexible scheduling and automated record keeping

Who Should Use it? Designed for professionals, such as:

  • Employees assigned to site preparation, construction, installation and start-up of transmission, distribution, regulation and point of service equipment
  • Service and Maintenance Personnel for all equipment essential to power delivery
  • Industrial Supervisors & Managers
  • Employees that need to refresh their cognitive, analytical and communication skills
Complete Transmission and Distribution Curriculum 169+ Courses

The training provides a skills-based, online training curriculum for transmission and distribution staff. This 169+ course curriculum was built around 6 learning blocks through 3 progressive stages and addresses how transmission and distribution systems accomplish their function and how individual components are installed and maintained, providing essential training for those involved in the transmission and distribution of electric power. Topics covered include transmission and distribution systems, maintenance, overhead line distribution, overhead line transmission and underground line maintenance, among others.


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Transmission and Distribution: 75 Courses, 74.5 Hours
  • Compressors and Pneumatic Tools
  • Care and Testing of Tools and Equipment
  • Hydraulic Hand Tools, Part 1
  • Hydraulic Hand Tools, Part 2
  • Using Line Test Equipment
  • Cable Splicing, Part 1
  • Cable Splicing, Part 2
  • Cable Terminations
  • Transformer Connections, Part 1
  • Transformer Connections, Part 2
  • Transformer Troubleshooting
  • URD Transformers
  • URD Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Transmission
  • Reading Electrical System Diagrams, Part 1
  • Reading Electrical System Diagrams, Part 2
  • Temporary Structures
  • Service Installation
  • Safety in Substations and Switchyards
  • Safety in Transmission and Distribution Maintenance
  • Safety in Underground Line Maintenance
  • Distribution Line Safety
  • Safety in Overhead Line Maintenance
  • Transmission Line Safety
  • Rigging, Part 1
  • Rigging, Part 2
  • Rigging for High-Voltage Line Work
  • Advanced Rigging
  • Bucket Trucks, Part 1
  • Bucket Trucks, Part 2
  • Safe Bucket Truck Operations
  • Material Handling Bucket Trucks
  • Tree Trimming, Part 1
  • Tree Trimming, Part 2
  • Distribution
  • Distribution Line Installation and Removal
  • Distribution Line Replacement

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Transmission and Distribution (Continued)
  • Climbing Steel Poles and Towers
  • Climbing Wooden Poles
  • Pole Framing and Guying
  • Working on De-Energized Transmission Lines
  • Transmission Line Repair: Bare Hand Method
  • Working on Distribution Poles
  • Cable Fault Location, Part 1
  • Cable Fault Location, Part 2
  • Transmission Line Repair: Hot Sticks
  • Cable Fault Locating (Radar), Part 1
  • Cable Fault Locating (Radar), Part 2
  • Overhead Troubleshooting, Part 1
  • Overhead Troubleshooting, Part 2: Emergency Conditions
  • Troubleshooting Overhead Lines
  • Transmission Line Installation
  • Transmission Structures
  • Underground Conduit
  • Underground Cable Installation
  • Underground Residential Distribution Systems
  • Substations and Switchyards
  • Distribution Line Repair: Gloves
  • 34.5 KV Rubber Glove Work
  • Distribution Line Repair: Hot Sticks
  • Hydraulic Derricks
  • Mobile Hydraulic Systems
  • Pad-Mounted Transformers and Switchgear
  • Pole Top Equipment and Replacement, Part 1
  • Pole Top Equipment and Replacement, Part 2
  • Pole Top Transformer Replacement
  • Overhead Distribution Systems
  • Setting and Replacing Poles
  • High-Voltage AC Power, Part 1
  • High-Voltage AC Power, Part 2
  • Introduction to Smart Grid
  • Series and Street Lighting
  • Multiple Street Lighting Systems
  • System Protection and Monitoring